Moving To A New Office In Exeter

Exeter-business-moveWe just finished moving to our new business location in Exeter and everyone of us is thrilled about the new office!

Not only did we get one of the possibly coolest office spaces here in the heart of Exeter, the move also went exceptionally well despite the one or the other concern some of us had just a week before.

Obviously it is always risky if you appoint a moving firm you never dealt with before when they need to transport your expensive equipment, computers with customer data and so forth.

I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if one of our servers would have been damaged or broken. Yes, we have backups for our important data. Pretty much any movers will likely always tell you they are properly insured as well, but this doesn’t mean that any potential damage that can come about during a move would not result in many, many hours to spend restoring backups, plus even more hours working on restoring or repairing which of course means additional costs.

But all our fears were unjustified since the movers from removals Bristol did an excellent job. They knew exactly about how to handle our computers and other appliances and had also been very careful with the rest of the office. So if you plan a move in Bristol or the Exeter area, whether it’s for your own home or office I can definitely recommend them to you!

Education Choices in the UK

private – independent – schoolIt is statistically proven that those people who went to a good, private school often have better and significantly better paying jobs. Look at it that way, if you apply for a job today and you can show on your resume that you visited one of the U.K.’s renowned private schools its pretty much certain that you will have an advantage over the other candidates for the same position.

Now, in a time where the job market is still very competitive it is just logical that families are looking for any way to make it easier for the children from the beginning. A lot of folks today have realized that the U.K.’s public school system can not always offer the children what it takes in this difficult time. That is one main reason that more people in the UK are now considering private education a much better choice.

What Is the Main Difference between Private Schools and Public Schools in the UK?

For starters, public schools in our nation can be suffering from overcrowded classrooms. This is significant because it means that teachers are unable to focus on those pupils that need it most. In addition to that, overcrowded classrooms can add to stress not only for the teachers but also for the pupils.

Private schools do not have this problem. The classroom sizes there are on average smaller which means that teachers have more time to dedicate to the children. They are better motivated as well. The result is that a child’s dad only fares mediocre in a public school may well do excellent in a private school.

One other argument that is often given by those who prefer private schools is when it comes to extracurricular activities. For many, sports, the arts and music play a big role in the families. Private schools can often offer a lot more in this regards as compared with accessible in the public school system. In other words, your children can ot only learn maths, chemistry and languages in private schools but can likewise profit from better choices when it comes to sports, music or the arts. At Hertfordshire Independent School you can learn all about it.

My VW Campervan Adventure

Cool Holiday In My VW CampervanA great holiday traveling France and Spain for less than £300? It’s possible – I did just that back in September!

I had a great time traveling in a rented VW camper and saw so many fantastic places that I wouldn’t even be able to list them all here in this post!

Of course I did a (very) short visit to Paris but then I quickly traveled down to the countryside where I was able to enjoy amazingly friendly people and a fantastic landscape. I made a quick visit to Biarritz where I met with a good friend to stay for a couple of nights.

Afterwards I traveled further down across the border to Spain and visited San Sebastian, Pablona and Zaragoza. I stayed a week in Barcelona at a friend’s there before we both went back to France.

Most of the money obviously went for gas but we managed it to eat cheaply and of course we didn’t have to spend anything on hotels. A trip to a grocery store was all we needed since we had a nice kitchen in the van for cooking. Vegetables and fruits we often got for free or in exchange for a little work on the fields.

Overall a great experience which I can highly recommend for anyone who wants to travel off the beaten paths. With a campervan you can really get up-close and in-touch with the places you are visiting!  If you happen to be in Devon, I recommend you see a VW campervan hire where you can rent a nice camper for very little money.

The Best Fitness Gym in the Area

gyms in LondonIf you want to do something for your fitness and health, London sure can offer you everything you could even wish for. Pretty much anywhere you go you will come across a fitness centre today.

Right now, low budget fitness seem to take over the capital, something which has greatly reduced the average prices for gym memberships in London.

But not all that glitters is gold.

With more and more low budget fitness gyms on the rise, customer service and support is becoming secondary for many fitness chains.

Some of those know about gyms go so far as to provide only basic exercise equipment to be able to offer gym memberships at the lowest prices.

Worse, the large gym chains are slowly pushing smaller, formally successful and established high quality gyms off the market.

With more and more “fitness discounters” in London it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a really good gym. While it was quite normal just several years ago that fitness studios offered things such as big-screen TVs, pools and a sauna, those things are now becoming a thing of the past. The same with things such as personal trainers and training classes.

In my opinion, training classes and fitness courses are especially important. Nothing can be more valuable than a qualified trainer that can give you tips on your exercise routines. It has become rare to find a good gym such as Yoga in London Fields, Hackney. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy knowing there’s always someone around whom I can ask for advice. I’m not born a “yoga expert” and neither would I know what the best routines would be if I were want to lose a few pounds. I don’t have time to read books to educate myself and then go into one of those “cheap gyms”. Because of that I’m rather choosing a quality gym such as London Fields where I know that my time in the gym won’t be wasted.

WordPress Wedding Themes & Templates

wedding-themes-templatesIf you’re a web-designer it’s pretty likely that you will at some point want to design a wedding themed website.

It’s not uncommon today that couples who married want to show off their videos and images online…so what could be better than a wedding-themed website for that purpose!

To help you there I compiled a small list of sites where you can get ready-made wedding themes and templates for wordpress.

With them it will be easy to make your wedding website without any hassles, so check those great themes out:

A Great Wedding Weekend

wedding-receptionAt my cousin’s wedding reception in Exeter I finally had a chance to see The Singing Waiters! Because of that and some other things that happened I can definitely say this weekend was a total blast. Normally I am not really big on such family events but this one I sure won’t forget.

The reception was cool because I also met a really interesting lady there, Georgina and let’s just say we spent a really nice Sunday together.

Tip: You *have to* check out the singing waiters if you never saw them, take my word for it, they’re awesome! You can book them for weddings and reception but they can also come to your party for “surprise entertainment”. After I saw them at the reception I called them today to make sure they will be there at my mega party next year in Summer. So check them out if you’re still looking for some cool entertainment for your next party or wedding!

Learning Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalist( in terms of web design in general means “less is better” – but it sure doesn’t mean that minimalistic design is easier than “ordinary” web design. The opposite can be the case.

In fact, many who go the minimalistic route often make big mistakes. They focus on exactly those things which are not important and leave out other, essentials things.

Minimalist design is a prime example where designers are challenged that they will *exactly* have to know what to do and this includes also the planning phase and then of course the actual design. A poor designer may actually face more troubles with such designs as compared to designs where they might have more freedom in adding features.

If you ever faced such a challenge or simply want to learn more about good, effective minimalis web design I recommend you check Minimalist Web Design Poised To Rule The Online Future? at Small Business Trends. It’s an article with pointers to get you started and to avoid some often made mistakes. So check it out, I can highly recommend this post.