A Great Wedding Weekend

wedding-receptionAt my cousin’s wedding reception in Exeter I finally had a chance to see The Singing Waiters! Because of that and some other things that happened I can definitely say this weekend was a total blast. Normally I am not really big on such family events but this one I sure won’t forget.

The reception was cool because I also met a really interesting lady there, Georgina and let’s just say we spent a really nice Sunday together.

Tip: You *have to* check out the singing waiters if you never saw them, take my word for it, they’re awesome! You can book them for weddings and reception but they can also come to your party for “surprise entertainment”. After I saw them at the reception I called them today to make sure they will be there at my mega party next year in Summer. So check them out if you’re still looking for some cool entertainment for your next party or wedding!