Education Choices in the UK

It is statistically proven that those people who went to a good, private school often have better and significantly better paying jobs. Look at it that way, if you apply for a job today and you can show on your resume that you visited one of the U.K.’s renowned private schools its pretty much certain […]

My VW Campervan Adventure

A great holiday traveling France and Spain for less than £300? It’s possible – I did just that back in September! I had a great time traveling in a rented VW camper and saw so many fantastic places that I wouldn’t even be able to list them all here in this post! Of course I […]

The Best Fitness Gym in the Area

If you want to do something for your fitness and health, London sure can offer you everything you could even wish for. Pretty much anywhere you go you will come across a fitness centre today. Right now, low budget fitness seem to take over the capital, something which has greatly reduced the average prices for […]

WordPress Wedding Themes & Templates

If you’re a web-designer it’s pretty likely that you will at some point want to design a wedding themed website. It’s not uncommon today that couples who married want to show off their videos and images online…so what could be better than a wedding-themed website for that purpose! To help you there I compiled a […]

Learning Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalist( in terms of web design in general means “less is better” – but it sure doesn’t mean that minimalistic design is easier than “ordinary” web design. The opposite can be the case. In fact, many who go the minimalistic route often make big mistakes. They focus on exactly those things which are not important […]