Education Choices in the UK

private – independent – schoolIt is statistically proven that those people who went to a good, private school often have better and significantly better paying jobs. Look at it that way, if you apply for a job today and you can show on your resume that you visited one of the U.K.’s renowned private schools its pretty much certain that you will have an advantage over the other candidates for the same position.

Now, in a time where the job market is still very competitive it is just logical that families are looking for any way to make it easier for the children from the beginning. A lot of folks today have realized that the U.K.’s public school system can not always offer the children what it takes in this difficult time. That is one main reason that more people in the UK are now considering private education a much better choice.

What Is the Main Difference between Private Schools and Public Schools in the UK?

For starters, public schools in our nation can be suffering from overcrowded classrooms. This is significant because it means that teachers are unable to focus on those pupils that need it most. In addition to that, overcrowded classrooms can add to stress not only for the teachers but also for the pupils.

Private schools do not have this problem. The classroom sizes there are on average smaller which means that teachers have more time to dedicate to the children. They are better motivated as well. The result is that a child’s dad only fares mediocre in a public school may well do excellent in a private school.

One other argument that is often given by those who prefer private schools is when it comes to extracurricular activities. For many, sports, the arts and music play a big role in the families. Private schools can often offer a lot more in this regards as compared with accessible in the public school system. In other words, your children can ot only learn maths, chemistry and languages in private schools but can likewise profit from better choices when it comes to sports, music or the arts. At Hertfordshire Independent School you can learn all about it.