Learning Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalist( in terms of web design in general means “less is better” – but it sure doesn’t mean that minimalistic design is easier than “ordinary” web design. The opposite can be the case.

In fact, many who go the minimalistic route often make big mistakes. They focus on exactly those things which are not important and leave out other, essentials things.

Minimalist design is a prime example where designers are challenged that they will *exactly* have to know what to do and this includes also the planning phase and then of course the actual design. A poor designer may actually face more troubles with such designs as compared to designs where they might have more freedom in adding features.

If you ever faced such a challenge or simply want to learn more about good, effective minimalis web design I recommend you check Minimalist Web Design Poised To Rule The Online Future? at Small Business Trends. It’s an article with pointers to get you started and to avoid some often made mistakes. So check it out, I can highly recommend this post.