Moving To A New Office In Exeter

Exeter-business-moveWe just finished moving to our new business location in Exeter and everyone of us is thrilled about the new office!

Not only did we get one of the possibly coolest office spaces here in the heart of Exeter, the move also went exceptionally well despite the one or the other concern some of us had just a week before.

Obviously it is always risky if you appoint a moving firm you never dealt with before when they need to transport your expensive equipment, computers with customer data and so forth.

I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if one of our servers would have been damaged or broken. Yes, we have backups for our important data. Pretty much any movers will likely always tell you they are properly insured as well, but this doesn’t mean that any potential damage that can come about during a move would not result in many, many hours to spend restoring backups, plus even more hours working on restoring or repairing which of course means additional costs.

But all our fears were unjustified since the movers from removals Bristol did an excellent job. They knew exactly about how to handle our computers and other appliances and had also been very careful with the rest of the office. So if you plan a move in Bristol or the Exeter area, whether it’s for your own home or office I can definitely recommend them to you!