My VW Campervan Adventure

Cool Holiday In My VW CampervanA great holiday traveling France and Spain for less than £300? It’s possible – I did just that back in September!

I had a great time traveling in a rented VW camper and saw so many fantastic places that I wouldn’t even be able to list them all here in this post!

Of course I did a (very) short visit to Paris but then I quickly traveled down to the countryside where I was able to enjoy amazingly friendly people and a fantastic landscape. I made a quick visit to Biarritz where I met with a good friend to stay for a couple of nights.

Afterwards I traveled further down across the border to Spain and visited San Sebastian, Pablona and Zaragoza. I stayed a week in Barcelona at a friend’s there before we both went back to France.

Most of the money obviously went for gas but we managed it to eat cheaply and of course we didn’t have to spend anything on hotels. A trip to a grocery store was all we needed since we had a nice kitchen in the van for cooking. Vegetables and fruits we often got for free or in exchange for a little work on the fields.

Overall a great experience which I can highly recommend for anyone who wants to travel off the beaten paths. With a campervan you can really get up-close and in-touch with the places you are visiting!  If you happen to be in Devon, I recommend you see a VW campervan hire where you can rent a nice camper for very little money.